What is Just Age


Welcome to my blog, Just Age! I wanted to express my feelings, try different products in new and innovative ways, and show people how I apply skin care, makeup, and hair products. So I created this blog to do all that and more! I constantly have different opinions on subjects that come up in the news, pop culture, or just life in general so I plan on expressing them here. Also, I’m all about versatility, especially when it comes to beauty products. That’s why I plan on using this blog as a way to test out the products I know and love in different ways to see if I can get my bang for my buck in more ways than one. And I am often asked how I apply different makeup looks or how I get my hair in certain hairstyles so I want to have “how to” videos here as well. This blog is just a way for me show all of you the various thoughts and ideas in my life and that’s why it’s Just Age. It’s simply me!